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Chicago's Legendary Escape Game

How It Works

1. Assemble Your Team

Get your friends, come in groups of any size and choose your date and time.

2. Choose Your Game

Select the room you would like to play and make your reservations!

3. Find The Clues

Solve the riddles and find the clues as the clock ticks down and the pressure rises!

4. Make Your Escape

Use the clues and keys you find to solve the game and make your escape before time runs out!

What is Escape the 13th Floor?

Escape the 13th Floor is a fully interactive and immersive experience that takes place at Chicago’s Legendary 13th Floor Haunted House.

A test of wit. You and your group will work to find the clues and solve all the riddles and puzzles before time runs out. With various themes your mission may differ from room to room but the goal is the same. Solve all the clues before time runs out. Do you have what it takes?

Perfect For

Family and Friends

Escape the 13th Floor will bring your family together in a way you would have never thought possible, and it’s certainly more entertaining than sitting around on the couch.

Team Building

After one of our room escapes, your group will be able to work together and communicate better than ever.

Game Enthusiasts

Do you love trying to solve puzzles and riddles? Well Escape the 13th Floor is a new kind of interactive puzzle you have never experienced.


The point of traveling is to experience things that you couldn’t in your hometown.  Escape the 13th Floor is certainly that. Try something different on vacation!

Room Themes

Jack the Ripper

Enter the streets of London, the notorious Jack the Ripper as just captured his next victim. As he taunts you to stop him, you have one hour to reach him before he strikes again. Solve the puzzles, and decipher the clues he has left behind to reach him on time.

Illusion Manor

Seemingly just another beautiful Victorian mansion. However it holds a dark secret. A demon has begun to break through from another realm. Hidden within the mansion is the means to stop it and send it back to where it belongs. You have only one hour to find the enchanted icon and stop the demon from entering our world.

Location Details

Located in the same building as Chicago’s 13th Floor Haunted House

1940 George St, Melrose Park, IL 60160


Escape Room in Chicago

Why try an Escape Room?

Escape RoomEscape rooms have seen a massive surge in recent years. These puzzles are designed to test the limits of your intellect, creativity, and problem solving. They are terrific team bonding exercises for professional and student teams. Form a group of 6-12 team members and enter the escape room as a social event. If you can solve the puzzles before time expires, you will escape the room and make history as a successful team. Escape the Thirteenth Floor in Chicago is a premier escape room with brand new features. Located on the 13th floor of a building, it provides a unique environment for challengers who want to prove their capabilities.

When you enter Escape the Thirteenth Floor, you will notice that it is not an ordinary room escape. With waiting areas common to the escape game and the 13th Floor Haunted House, it is a joint project that has even more opportunities than ever before. First, talk to a representative at the front desk for information about your party and reservations. When it is time to enter the escape game, make sure that everybody has secured their belongings beforehand. It will soon become clear that Escape the Thirteenth Floor is a serious endeavor that requires quick thinking and fast reactions. You will be faced with puzzles and mysteries of varying difficulty and complexity. Although you do not need to solve every challenge, there is a threshold that will unlock your key to escape. As mentioned before, teamwork and coordination are essential to success.

Adventure lovers and horror lovers alike will love these games. This escape room in Chicago features two themes. Between Jack the Ripper and Illusion Manor, you can find distinct experiences. Choose the room that best suits your group’s ideals. This unique escape game requires a complete party of 12 to enter the arena. However, if you don’t have enough friends or family, the staff can accommodate you with other guests at the venue. Regardless of whether you escape or not, all participants receive free photographs to document this incredible experience. There are few restrictions to this escape room in Chicago. First, all electronic devices including cell phones are prohibited inside the room. You won’t need any extra information or devices to assist you along the way. Second, bookings must be done well in advance. If you need to change a date, Escape the Thirteenth Floor asks that you make this decision two days beforehand.

Can you escape? That is the question that hundreds of teams have lined up to answer. The puzzles are not particularly difficult, although there are tricks and special solutions for the most creative minds. Between your strong team of 12 individuals, it is almost guaranteed that someone will find the right insight to unlock the door. It is a test of logic, wit, and teamwork all at once. If you breakout in a record setting time, Escape the Thirteenth Floor will put you in their hall of fame. This is a daunting challenge for the most adventurous escape artists. Be sure to make your reservation for one of Chicago’s greatest attractions today!