A List of Team Building Games in Chicago

By May 3, 2017 Team Building
Escape 13th Floor Chicago

The benefits of team building to a company are immense. As an employer, it’s important to ensure you get the right team building games for your team. Have the right and well-built team and enjoy their output. If you have a weak team or just want to strength the one you have, then try out these team building games in Chicago.

Allow Them to Participate In the Escape the 13th Floor Escape Game

This is an interactive game that is usually done at Chicago’s Legendary 13th Floor Haunted House. It allows not more that twelve participant to enter a unique escape room. This room is usually filed with riddles and clues that are meant to help the team successfully escape in less than an hour. The moment one of the participants successfully escapes from this room, the remaining ones will have to remain calm, communicate well and try figure out the best way to escape. Each minute that passes increases the pressure and the desire to consult one another on the best way forward. Since each team gets to choose whether their room should have a Jack the Ripper theme or Illusion Manor theme, you can keep changing the rooms to make the experience unique. Completing this escape game will really help in building your team. It’s indeed the best escape game for your team.

Visit the Game Show Game Show

This features activities meant for the night. One of them is the spin it to win it challenge. Each team member will get a chance to put on bedazzled, sparkling vest. The team will then have to spin the famous Wheel of Fortune Cookie and really hope that it won’t land them on the Tear Tractor. There are other television greatest shows that your team can take part in. the game show lasts for an hour. The room is decorated with great disco lights among other epic sequin decor.

Visit the Adventure Games Inc Store

This is a games store in Chicago that offers numerous games meant for team building. These games are categorized best on the expected end results. You can choose games under strategy and leadership, puzzle and solution games, creativity and visionary, or active and performance. Each category has an array of games to be played. You can get to group your team and arrange for games that will help you achieve your company goals. For example, if you want a more creative team, then choose games under creativity and visionary.

These team building games in Chicago will help you achieve those great results you have been longing for.