Team Bonding Ideas

By May 3, 2017 Team Building
Bonding Ideas

There is an array of activities to select from when it comes to team bonding. A few varieties of these activities should be adopted to keep the people interested. The events should be organized on a regular basis to renew the team spirit.


1. Different indoor activities like quiz competitions and debates are very useful ways of strengthening team bonds. Members should be asked to form their teams and participate. This will highlight hidden leadership qualities.

2. Art is another very capable team binder. Regular workshops could be organized, and competitions could be held.

3. If there are a large number of employees at the workplace, indoor games competitions could be organized annually. Table tennis, chess, etc. are good games to sharpen the competitive attitude and instill an urge to excel in individuals. Healthy people make up a strong team.

4. An annual talent show can be organized too. Here the people will be allowed to showcase their flair for music and other performing arts. Entertainment programs like this keep the people happy and create a congenial atmosphere at the workplace.

5. Cooking competitions where culinary skills can be displayed are also popular ways of creating camaraderie amongst employees.

6. Outdoor activities also help in boosting teamwork. If a picnic is organized, where the families of the employees are also present then everyone will get to know each other from close quarters. A different side of the individuals will be exposed. Away from the humdrum everyday work, the people will enjoy each other’s company in a carefree ambiance.

Such activities and other innovative ideas will help in uniting the different individuals of a team. They will keep the whole team happy and fresh. A positive attitude will develop and will result in more efficient and productive output.