Team Building Excercises in Chicago

By May 3, 2017 Team Building
Escape 13th Floor

Good team building activities should have an objective. They help in creating a happy and a productive team. For best performance, every person must be motivated to perform at his or her best. Team building activities create a good memory to share and increase communication among team members. Let me walk you through some of the best team building exercises;

Multi-way Tug-of-war

This is a classic game that is physically demanding. To win the game, your team must prove stronger than the other team pulling the rope on the other side. This game requires communication and tactics to win.

Two truths and a lie game

This is a classic icebreaker game .Each member of the group says two truths and one lie. First, the rules are introduced and everyone is given a chance to think about their facts. Each person lists three facts except that, one fact is a lie .Secondly, there is a general discussion but the person who gave the facts stays quiet. Finally, the person then reveals which one was a lie. Other group members will start to talk how they were fooled about the lie.

Escape the 13th Floor challenge

To play the escape game, you should assemble your team then select the room you wish to play. Participants have one hour to escape. Once the clock ticks down, the pressure rises. Your goal is to use clues in the escape room and solve the game before time runs out. This game enables the team to work and communicate better.

The mine field

The team chooses an open space and mines are distributed around the area. One person is blindfolded while the partner verbally guides him or her. Likewise, there can be more than one person walking through the mines simultaneously to increase the difficulty of focusing and listening to the right instructions.

Team building activities consist of problem solving tasks designed to help team members develop the capacity to work together.