Activities in Chicago

By May 3, 2017 Things To Do
Things to Do

Planning to visit Chicago soon? Well, ensure you make the most out of your visit before heading back home. This city is truly magnificent and packed with amazing cultural attractions. From viewing fantastic architecture to visiting amazing museums to sampling best food to playing Escape the 13th Floor, there is something for everyone.

Activities in Chicago View Architecture Chicago has some of the most beautiful architecture in the world. The Water Tower, which is one of Chicago’s oldest buildings, is fascinating to see and has a theater. Built in 1869, this building survived the Chicago Fire in 1871. Another amazing building is the John Hancock Building where you can enjoy an escape game, fabulous cocktail or dinner in the Signature Room, which is located on the 95th floor.

Go for Boat Tours The best way to sample Chicago’s finest architecture is to go for boat tours. You can view beautiful structures from the Chicago River. There are several great boat tours and some will even take you to Lake Michigan which allows you to enjoy the Chicago skyline. Besides being great ways to see this spectacular city, boat tours are also offer an amazing way to rest between walking trips. Sample Pizza

A visit to Chicago is incomplete without trying deep-dish pizza. You can try it with only cheese or all the toppings. If you think that a combination of pizza and cheese is disgusting, try this and you may even discover a new fun way of eating pizza. There are many spots to sample this delicious pizza.

Visit Museums Chicago has some of the most attractive museums in the country, and a number of them are pretty close to each other. You can start your museum tour by seeing dinosaur fossils from Ancient Egypt at the Field Museum of Natural History and then head down the street to learn more about the stars, universe and planets at the Adler Planetarium.

All of these fun activities would be a great way to spend time with family or friends the next time you make your way through Chicago!