Fun Things to do with Friends

By May 3, 2017 Things To Do
Things to Do

When work or school is done, it can get pretty boring if you had not planned for the free time. There are, however, a lot of fun things that we can engage in with our friends. If you’re looking for fun things to do with friends read on as we have some exciting stuff that will form plenty of fond memories.

With the resourcefulness of the internet, there is a lot of information now on how to do things by yourself, things that would otherwise been done by a specialist. In DIY, as it is popularly known, the sky is the limit. You and your friends can build a dog house, paint a surf board, do mods on a car, the possibilities are endless and suited to your interests.

Perhaps you and your friends have a some clutter in your homes and you would like to get rid of some stuff; a yard sale would be a great idea. Run a small but efficient marketing campaign around town, gather all your stuff together and sell some stuff while having a good time with your friends. This could also be a great way to meet new friends on the neighborhood and talk to others you haven’t seen in a while

Are you and your friends fans or even curious about escape games? If in Chicago, Escape the 13th floor challenge is a good suggestion. Held at Chicago’s 13th Floor Haunted House, this escape game can accommodate up to 12 participants in an nail biting, fun and engaging adventure. You can purchase tickets or get more information about Escape the 13th Floor Challenge from here:

If the weather is not that great, you can opt for indoor activities. Movie marathons, trying out new recipes, board games are such of the fun things to with friends indoors. If you have more space, you can set up a board for darts, table tennis and other such games which will keep all of your friends engaged and entertained.